Day 8/16 of Activism Against Gender Violence: Fighting Back-Reclaiming The ‘Public’

Day 8/16 of Activism Against Gender Violence: Fighting Back-Reclaiming The ‘Public’

How and Why I started fighting and 

Unreported World examines the increase in sexual assaults and harassment in Egypt.

Unreported World examines the increase in sexual assaults and harassment in Egypt.

The programme reveals claims that young men are being paid to carry out horrendous mob attacks on women. It is claimed that this started under the Mubarak regime and it is suspected by some to still continue.

Women have been at the forefront of the Egyptian revolution but are now often fearful of taking part in the regular public demonstrations.

Sexual harassment is not a new problem in Egypt. In a 2010 United Nations survey, more than 80 per cent of women surveyed said they’d been sexually harassed.

But there are signs that the problem has got worse with the breakdown of public order since the revolution. Reports of mob sex attacks are on the increase.

Reporter Ramita Navai and director Dimitri Collingridge meet a young woman who has recently survived such an attack. Nihal was out at a protest in Tahrir Square with four other women. She managed to escape but her friend suffered an ordeal that is typical of these attacks.

She was stripped naked and dozens of men raped her with their hands. Nihal’s friend sustained internal injuries and couldn’t walk for a week. She has since fled Egypt. Nihal too was severely traumatised.

Nihal has become involved in Harassmap, an anti-sexual harassment movement that charts mob attacks and allows women to log sexual harassment. In the last two years the team has received more than 900 reports from women across the country.

Despite the publicity on the issue, the women themselves are worried about speaking about their personal experiences. It’s a taboo subject and many of them are even afraid to tell their parents what they’ve suffered.

Even when women decide to go to the police, they say they rarely receive help. Twenty-one-year-old student Dina has been the victim of several assaults. She claims that on one occasion she managed to alert a nearby police officer, but that he refused to help, telling her the attack was her fault because she was wearing the wrong clothes.

State complicity in the sexual abuse of women in Cairo

State complicity in the sexual abuse of women in Cairo

There is a growing belief that the post-revolution spate of sexual attacks on women is a reflection of a large-scale and co-ordinated campaign from Egypt’s security forces, seeking to undermine or intimidate the political opposition.  Zoe Holman spoke to the founder of anti-harassment network Imprint

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مع تغير الساحة السياسية وآليات صناعة القرار نتوسم الأمل في تحقيق تطلعاتنا مما يحتاجه المجتمع من إصلاح وتقويم ودعم للايجابيات وأيضا الوقوف كخط دفاع  ضد أي سلبيات تشوه مجتمعنا المصري

The Imprint Movement (Harakat Basma in Arabic) is a voluntary social organization founded in July 2012 to confront some of the most challenging issues in Egyptian society, from widespread illiteracy to the plight of street children. The movement’s first project focuses on combating sexual harassment.

تقرير نهائي من فعالية “عيد بلا تحرش”

تقرير نهائي من فعالية “عيد بلا تحرش” تم انتهاء بالنجاح فعالية “عيد بلا تحرش” التي قامت بهـا حركة بصمة و حملة ضد التحرش في ميدان طلعت حرب خلال اخر ثلاث أيام عيد الأضحى المبارك. منعنا على طريقة التدخل السلمي اكثر من ٣٩ حالة تحرش منها ٧ حالة تحرش جماعي من خلال القيام بدوريات امنية في ميدان طلعت حرب و الشوارع المتصلة به. مسكنا عددا من المتحرشين، معظمهم اطفال، و سلمناهم الى الشرطة حيث تم تحرير ٣ محاضر،
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نوكد انه محاربة التحرش تحتاج الى مشاركتنا كلنا لنرجع الاخلاق للمجتمع و نرفض معا اي انتهاكات ضد اخواتنا و ضرورة المساندة لنظام المحاسبة الرادعة و العادلة لمرتكبين هذه الانتهاكات.
في انتظار مشاركتكم في بناء مستقبل خلي من التحرش

منقول عن حسن نصار أحد مؤسسي حركة بصمة 

Imprint Movement Strikes again…

Its another Eid and while many are celebrating others are patrolling to keep the women safe. Many of you know that with Eid comes sexual harassment which kills the spirit of celebration of this religious holiday for many muslim women so Imprint movement decided that they will do their best to make a festive holiday for all of us.

In Eid al fitr which occurred in August Imprint movement (Bassma) patrolled the Sadat Metro station and stopping more than 20 sexual harassment incidents. This Eid, Eid al Adha, we decided to take on Talaat Harb square and Talaat Harb Street. Our men put on their Yellow and orange vests started walking around looking out for potential harassment incidents, others were behind in a booth which was situated on the sqaure that acted as an information desk and a check point for people to go to incase they need any kind of assistance. The women stayed in groppi getting the news and reporting it to our social media feed.

About 30 to 40 volunteers mostly men showed up to help stop sexual harassment. Which was quite amazing because we expected lower numbers but I was happy to have my expectation not met.

We took off on the second day of Eid (saturday), our brave volunteers were able to stop 15 sexual harassment incidents and 4 of those were mass harassment, we are divided into 2 groups 1 group form a human chain around the woman leading her to safety while the other group takes the harassers to the police. They always tried talking to harassers in tough but respectful manner which instantly prevents the situation form getting violent.

On the third day of Eid (sunday), we were able to stop 10 sexual harassment incidents where 3 of those were mass harassment.  2 to 3 sexual harassment reports were filed and we will be following up on them. 1 of those incidents was an attack on a foreign woman but we got there on time before it got more serious.

The harassers are from the age of 12 till the age of 20 years old, and they are always in big groups. As you can see that the number of sexual harassment incidents have decreased on the second which proves the point that once they know that they will be punished they abstain from doing such a crime. Since most of them were kids then the theory of sexually frustrated is no longer valid, its habit they picked up and since no one was there to stop them they continued to do it.

There were other peaceful groups who present in other places in downtown and we cant deny their efforts and we are very grateful they are there however there were other groups who were using violence and were beating the harassers up. We denounce violence and refuse to use, as much as the sexual harassment crimes angers all of us but violence is not the answer, we simply stoop to their level and it turns our society into a animalistic society.

If you want to join us for the forth day of eid and our last day of patrolling this month please come tomorrow to talaat harb square at 4pm.

For arabic update please follow us on twitter @Imprint_Mov or join on our Facebook page

I would like at the end to thank everyone who is supporting us and specially our volunteers who sacrificed their eid and instead of celebrating they patrolled the streets. Specifically for Iman who endangered herself to pictures 🙂