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بنت تمشي في أمان الله تجيب حاجة من سوبر ماركت

Street Children, Disability and Prostitution for Survival.

I wish for suffering to end …


It was my third visit to the shelter. There was a happy atmosphere today which I later learnt always accompanied the arrival of a new baby. Shadia had come home with her new born after a C-Section the day before. I asked if I could go in to see her. I had never met Shadia before. I walked into the bedroom that housed 3 bunk beds and 6 single wardrobes, each padlocked. Shadia lay shaking in the middle of the well made bed. I panicked. I had never met someone with Parkinson’s disease before. My ignorance, both of the illness and of street children hadn’t prepared me that a child with parkinson’s could end up here. Shadia also had her left eye gauged out. But Shadia was beautiful.

I was new to my research with street children and still very unprepared for the heart ache that this work brought with…

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VIDEO: What Do You See?

SAMAR “Tahrir”, my revolution. Episode 7 Nihal (ENG)

SAMAR MEDIA – “Tahrir”, my revolution.
Episode 7- NIHAL (Feb. 8)

Co-founder of Bassma Movement
Dokki, Cairo.

Inspired by her family heritage and her faith, Nihal has been socially active in the community since she was a teenager. She explains how the revolution impacted on her way of life and her way of thinking. She has since created a movement made of volunteers called “Bassma” that works against sexual harassment in Cairo.

She denounces the attitude of the new government led by the Muslim Brothers. She adds that the new ruling Party has an obvious problem: “Woman”.

“مش هنسكت”.. شعار البصمجية فى دوريات للتوعية بمترو الأنفاق

“مش هنسكت”.. شعار البصمجية فى دوريات للتوعية بمترو الأنفاق

مش هنسكت”.. هو الشعار الذى اتخذوه فى عملهم التطوعى لخدمة المجتمع، بعد أن قرر متطوعو حركة بصمة، ألا يسكتوا على أى خطأ بالمجتمع، وهو ما جعلهم ينزلون فى دوريات للتوعية بمترو الأنفاق ورصد المخالفات والانتهاكات التى تحدث بمترو الأنفاق.