Outraged and Ashamed

This morning i read this by Sarah Joseph “Two individuals make a film. The film is deemed as “Insulting to Islam”. The individuals are not connected to the US government in anyway, yet a gang take it upon themselves to kill the US Ambassador to Libya. What is truly insulting to Islam is that these thugs commit these horrors in the name of the religion sent as a mercy to the world.”

What is happening to us when did we become so barbaric and chaos lovers? I mean seriously if those so called muslims put that much effort in ending poverty or ending injustice they would have probably succeeded but instead they use it in vandalizing and inciting violence.

The prophet used to get insulted by the infidels but he never raised war against them nor insulted them back. Aly ibn Aby Taleb “if poverty was a man i would have killed him”

On the streets of Cairo everyday, people call each obscene name…they throw garbage all over the city….they sexual harass and assault women while others watch…they lie…they dont do their work properly …Dont you think that this is the biggest insult to this religion. Some men pray in mosques but still do so many sins in public and hurting other people. You say you are a muslim but everything that you do is against Islam…WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MUSLIMS?

Why are we so outraged at everything and everyone? is it because of the injustice we face in our countries why dont we direct that anger towards the state? instead towards people who hasnt done anything. Why have those Muslims just call for justice? ask the american government to ban the movie? why did the libyans kill ambassador Chris?

What is Pissing me off the most is that the ones who truly understand Islam are sitting away and not doing anything about it. Just condemning the acts but no actions…TALK TALK BUT NO ACTIONS…i am ashamed to belong to the same religion as those.

Islam is bigger and better than this and there is no one that this insulting religion other than our barbaric and passive actions.

That movie means nothing to the Americans and most of them havent even heard about until we starts protesting and now Terry Jones will get what he want a true war on Islam because you just proved him right.

So congratulation you really messed up and made us all look like lunatics…GOD i hate you and i am so ashamed of you who attacked the embassy for the Muslim leaders who didnt do anything about it.

At the end i would like to pay respects to the family of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other 3 americans who were killed in Libya. 



2 Responses

  1. Reading this I can feel your deep anguish. Keep up that fiery passion you have in your heart. It shines so bright I can see it across the Atlantic Ocean.

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