I wish to bring back the Egypt, the country I almost died for

Arab Spring Collective

Sexual harassment is endemic in Egypt, and increasing numbers of women have begun speaking out against it. Fair Observer’s Natasha Smith asks how this deep-seated problem affects women in Egypt and what can be done to stop it.

On June 24, 2012, I nearly died at the hands of a mob of Egyptian men in Cairo. I was stripped naked, dragged, beaten, and violated. For 20 minutes, I was rendered absolutely powerless in a mass sexual assault. A group of Egyptian men eventually fought through the crowd to save me. Inside a medical tent, women helped dress and console me. “This is not Egypt!” they exclaimed. But is it?

I now have the chance to rebuild my life. But what of the women who don’t have this chance? What of the thousands of Egyptian women who face sexual harassment (SH) everyday – how many people hear their stories?


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  1. Would you support legalizing pepper spray for women in Egypt? This way, women could be more independent and not need a male guardian. You can see other countries’ laws about pepper spray here:

  2. Can you think of organizations that might be willing to petition the government to let women carry pepper spray? Maybe I could contact them. Either Egyptian groups or outside groups.

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