Youth against Sexual Harassment “Subway Patrols” statement

Sexual harassment is very common and widespread in our Egyptian society nowadays. We are positive that harassers exploit the crowdedness of the streets during Eid to attack their victims; that’s why we decided to consolidate our efforts as a group of Egyptians and working on stopping such act by simply being present in the metro stations to help in protecting women by organizing the system and preventing men from invading women’s privacy in the cars that are specified only for women and also by observing any form of sexual harassment, trying to prevent it and delivering the harasser to security personals.

Campaign’s accomplishments
1- Capturing more than 20 cases of sexual harassment; two of which were filed official charges against harassers in both Attaba and Ghamra stations. Filling another case of “white arms possession” and other cases submitted as “terrorizing civilians” and “general norms violations” due to the fact that the victim has fled the scene.
2- Uncounted number of official cases reported to the station’s security office of “violating of the station’s rules” mainly from men who refused to abide by the rule of not using the women’ vehicles- and they also refused to react to the Imprint volunteers’ call to leave these vehicles.
3- Generating a Feel of Safety inside the stations and positive reaction from civilians which ended up by also recruiting more volunteers from inside the stations.
4- Fruitful collaboration with security forces as a startup for their empowerment to take their acclaimed role in protecting civilians.
5- Presence of inspectors in some stations; specifically after Shohdaa’ station to charge fines from on violators.
6- Shedding the light on the importance of opposing the sexual harassment and reporting it to the police and engaging the civilians in awareness discussion about this problem.
We would like to thank each volunteer who showed up to seize an end for the violations happening in the subway. We were very delighted with the spirit of the volunteers, those who supported us with words and actions. We hope to cooperate with more volunteers, campaigns and groups who share the same values as well; as we try to protect our country including all sectors of our society.
‘Imprint Movement’ is a social voluntary movement that doesn’t have any political affiliations; however, we welcome new volunteers from different backgrounds.
We are optimistic about the future of our country and we are aware that this future depends entirely on our collective efforts and patience.
We admit that in this transitional period after the revolution, there must be a good collaboration between the executive entities and Egyptians to build our country and its institutions again.
To contribute in the coming activities, please contact our campaign coordinators:
Abd El Fattah Mahmoud: 0 111 3264 772
Hassan Nassar: 0 106 3861 602
Or keep yourself updated on our page:

Translation by Omar El Gabry

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