Third Day of Patrolling against Sexual Harassment

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We started gathering around 5pm at Shohada2 metro station shubra direction, around 5:30 the police chief asked to see one of us and was refusing to let stand like yesterday. Abdel Fattah (one of imprint movement founders) however convinced him to that we stay on our own risk. Which i found ridiculous because they are there to protect us but anyway we stayed and most of the people were happy we were there.

We got notified by some passengers coming from marg and helwan direction that up there at those 2 direction there were more problems by that time we had reached 22 volunteers (YAY) so we moved upstairs. We caught a harasser and turned him into the police however the woman was not there to testify so the police made pay a fine of 15LE for riding in the women’s cabin.

Later on we caught another guy who was harassing a girl; when we caught him he pulled out a knife but when he saw he was out numbered he threw the knife, eventually the police came and caught him. He was charged for carrying a white weapon (sela7 abyad) and paid a fine of 15LE for riding in the women’s cabin

Third guy was a harassing a woman (who had a kid with her), when she spoke against him he yelled at her so 2 of our guys rode the metro with her to the next station got them both out of the metro and convinced the woman to file a harassment report. According to Hassan Nassar, the police came took the guy to the station, had him take off his clothes to make sure he doesn’t have any weapons (i think it was also a humiliation technique) then had him put his clothes back on and then handcuffed him and sent him away to jail. (wohoo)

Forth guy was harassing a woman and as soon as the metro opened she asked for our help so we took the guy and the girl insisted on filing a report, so he was also charged with harassment and fined for riding the women’s metro.

Fifth guy, as soon as the door opened and he saw us he ran out of the metro then a woman told us that he was harassing her, so we held the door opened and then opened the men’s cabin where the guy was and got him out. The police came to arrest but assaulted the officer, so he was charged of assaulting an officer and fined 15LE for riding in the women’s cabin. (the girl left so we couldn’t charge him with harassment)

There were 6th and 7th guys that were caught harassing but again the women refused to file a report so the police only fined them with 15 LE for riding the women’s cabin

The most awesome thing happened; the G4S men in Ataba station took their fine books and stood at the platform (ataba is right after shohada2) every time they see a man they fine hin on the grounds that we asked him to leave the women’s cabin but they didn’t listen. So the men that we couldn’t get out, got out on the next station.

This was the end of our Eid patrolling, I am personally happy about it and we are looking into organizing more patrols but we still dont know when. Those patrols are not the solution for harassment it is a pain killer as a result we must try to find that solution. I am still unsure of what is a grass root solution but for now i think filing reports and having them pay fines will perhaps make the harassment less.

I urge every girl who got harassed to file a report and not to leave it or ignore, it is a OUT RIGHT as women to walk in the streets safely and NO ONE will give us this right we must take it ourselves.

Finally i would like to give a special thanks to AbdelFattah Mahmoud (our master mind) and Hassan Nassar for organizing the volunteers, Thanks to all who came and helped us during those 3 days, Amr Kino, Mohamed AbdulRahman, Omar El Gabry, Amr Hazem, Hossam El Saeed, Hesham, Beshoy, Amr, Ahmed, Yousra, Samar and everyone else that i didn’t get to know THANK YOU, you made a lot of women feel safer. YOU GUYS ROCK.

This initiative was done by Imprint movement

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  2. […] the Eid festival, Nihal Zaghloul helped organise anti-harassment patrols of the metro. She describes how it felt to fight SH in a male-dominated group. “It felt […]

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