Second day of patrolling against Sexual Harassment

I wasn’t able to go today due to family commitment but according to Hassan Nassar and Abdel Fattah our team leaders they said that today’s patrolling was at Ataba Metro Station, our numbers increased which was a great thing. about 13 men plus 8 officers that was provided to us the police of the metro so we were able to cover Helwan and Marg direction. we started around 5pm till 11pm

there were about 4 harassment incidents (1 of them was a girl walking with her father) and 2 theft incident. Our team of volunteers were able to stop them and delivered them to the police. Reports for the theft were made and everything that was stolen returned to their rightful owners however the girls refused to file a report against their harassers but our team did catch the harassers and delivered them to the police

it was an adventurous day and tomorrow i am expecting more adventures.

tomorrow Tuesday the 21 we will be at Shohada2 Metro Station at 5pm. Hopefully more people would come so we can help more

Thank you to all who came today and yesterday.

This is a video Shot by Youm7

Photos captured on the second day by Omar El Gabry and for more photos please go to click on this Link

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  1. At Ramsis station not Ataba 😉

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