A call for action

Today I went to a funeral of the brother in law of a friend of mine, he died because of an heart attack and he was 26 years old almost my age. I was really frustrated to hear the news just because he is my age and suddenly just like that he was gone. The scene at the funeral was heart-breaking, his mom and brother at the door and people are paying their respects while they are trying to hide their pain and holding their tears from flowing, his fiance same thing while greeting everyone with sadness in her eyes for losing her partner before even starting their life together, his friends sitting their with tears in their eyes probably remembering all the good times they had with him. My friend was devastated crying and at the same time trying to console her in laws for losing their son.

It took me back when I was in university i had a friend who always used to say i wish i would die and she used to say it in a very comfortable way, we used to respond saying dont say that hopefully Allah will not give you such evil, she used to respond death is not evil its good, i will be with my creator; He will treat me better than the people on this earth.

Years later my best friend showed me this video about a woman talking of how beautiful death is and I understood what my friend meant. Since the Arab Spring a lot of people died just because they called for freedom, bread and social justice. I faith that Allah has sent them to heaven.

We must realize that death is closer than we think and in order for us to face it with a smile we must be productive in our lives and do things that would positively impact others. Lets start taking matters into our hands and stop depending on others to make changes while we sit and watch. We all have talents and we are all unique as a result our contribution to the world will be unique.

Fight for Freedom…fight for justice…fight for love…fight to gain control over your life…fight for what you believe in…your silence will not do anyone any good it will only do harm and will let you go through life unnoticed. we are all here for a reason and we should find out what that reason is.

We must seek the truth..the truth about everything…question everything..everything you were given you were given for a reason. we are humans therefore we must think and think critically about everything.

This is not a call for depression but a call for action to make our lives worth while…

When I die i hope people would remember my good deeds, if i ever hurt anyone please FORGIVE me.

Everyday we wake up its a new day…a new chance for change…new life to impact…smile when u wake up..enjoy the times you have with family and friends…make the best out of every minute with them…dont argue over petty things but create a dialogue and make the effort to understand them.

We will not live forever but our deeds will…

“It’s better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees!” Emiliano Zapata Salazar

6 Responses

  1. You are wonderful!

  2. فكرة الشهادة هى أكتر حاجة مسيطرة على ناس كتير، لو تسأليهم بتخاف من الموت قبل الثورة كانوا هايقولوا ايوة بس بعد الثورة مفهوم الشهادة قهر الخوف من الموت.
    اللهم اجعل الحياة زيادة لنا من كل خير والموت راحة لنا من كل شر

  3. i need this reminder … ThanQ

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