Whats Next?

So now we have an elected president “Mohamed Morsi” who doesn’t really strike me as a revolutionary I mean we all know that he was the spare of the Muslim brother that came to replace Al-Shater but all that doesnt matter now we must help get through this because whether we like him or not if he succeeds we all do if he fails we all will fail.

Many people are saying the revolution continues and we must face the SCAF others are saying we must bring them to justice. Now they are 2 institutions against each other SCAF and Muslim Brotherhood so any confrontation will end up violent and bloody.

What does SCAF want? a safe exit? share of the economy? what if we give them this and at the same time we pull the rug from underneath them step by step. Whether we like it or not they are there and its a fact, the only way we can get rid of them swiftly is through a civil war, we really would be VERY naive to think they will give up power and wake away. They WON’T….

lets focus on putting a constitution, getting back the parliament and do rehabilitation of the police. Lets do what Germany did..Germany was divided but they kept on united and they kept on elections then a generation after a wall came down and look at Germany its one of the leading countries in the EU.

I know that many will consider my post as treason but I think its the best peaceful option we have right now, it will take longer but its better on the long run than creating a war now with SCAF especially that they have the weapons.

lets all remember that we all have a duty towards to the country and that having a president doesnt mean we sit back and let do all the work because he cant and wont succeed without us.

As for all the fears towards the muslim brothers. The muslim brothers have more problems that veiling women or having them stay at home. If they tried will stand aganist them because a) we wont let them control our freedom and b) we wont let them destroy our economy by imprisoning 50% of the workers in Egypt.

The revolution continues on the streets and in the offices and in our Hearts but we must wisely continue it without being the puppet of anyone. The only way to do that so to do what is not expected collaborate not collide. Focusing on the development of the country doesnt mean forgetting the punishment of the those who did us wrong but just postpone until we are in full power or at least when we have enough power to bring them to justice without causing a war between us and SCAF

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