After the assault that happened to me and my friends on saturday i was getting really depressed and frustrated unable to focus on anything. But i got tons and tons of support  and solidarity messages from all over the world, my spirits started to be lifted again. Also my friend who got hurt is a fighter…she is a survivor…I love her spirit….my respect for her and admiration grows bigger and higher…So proud of her.

I also met a few people who wanted to do something and secure the square one of them is AbdelFattah Mahmoud, he started a group to gather volunteers to secure the square and he keeps reassuring me that he will do everything in his power to make Tahrir a safe place again. The group he has is still small but growing and wish that more people would join him in this.

On talking about what happened I discovered that i am not the only one and there are other women out there that suffered this but were  ashamed to talk about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of we did nothing wrong and dont let anyone tell you differently.

My friends and I will always have ghosts hunting us because of what happened, some of us worse than others but we will not back down and we will not give up the fight. Some wants to control our freedom and our lives but seriously the hell with them, we are here and we angrier than ever.

Finally, I would like to ask the women who got harassed on tahrir or any other place to speak up not necessarily in public but at least to her family. Talking about will make you feel better and also the men in the family will know how bad you feel. When women start to talk to their men about it and show them how disgusting this is to you; they will eventually will think twice before harassing a woman or will help stop harassment.

Awareness against sexual harassment starts at home with the family then spreads out.

Here are some contacts that would be helpful in case of sexual harassment in Egypt:

Nazra: @NazraEgypt: Nazra for Feminist Studies aims to build an Egyptian feminist movement or call 01011910917

Nadeem Center: @elnadeem: El-Nadeem Centre for the rehabilitation of victims of violence and torture or call 01009952374

both organizations above will document what happened and could also provide counseling if you need.

To report the place where it happened go to HarassMap @harassmap: mapping sexual harassment in Egypt through SMS reporting

Grateful for everyone who helped us

2 Responses

  1. This is great. Glad you’re speaking out. Perhaps in the future we can better organize volunteers spread out throughout Tahrir to keep an eye on things and maybe a booth that works as a safe haven where women can report incidents.

  2. Dear Nihal Saad Zaghloul

    I’m a french journalist working for a women national and international magazine. I would like to conctat you for an interview. Would you contact me at


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