We can’t Win

We can’t win because we are not united…we can’t win because we are looking for our own interests not the country’s however if we were smart we would what is best for the country and then eventually we gain much more than we could imagine.

We cant win because we wake up after its too late…presidential committee? now? really? The law of political isolation? Ya lahwyyy where were you when Shafiq was hanging his posters?

Protesting on the streets, closing off the streets and squares will not do any good anymore…that card is dead and gone…we need to start educating the people on the constitution and what are their rights and duties so that we wont hit the wall like what happened in March with referendum amendments in the constitution…

Most of the people are tired exhausted and most of them are getting poorer and desperate by the day. Everyday that passes by we are losing our revolution. we need to use new methods of pressure. Education is the key its the long term solution for our problems….The old regime and current are running the Egyptian people to the ground…they are making harder and harder everyday to put food on the table.

The majority are starting to hate the revolution because they believe its what is causing the instability… can we please start to show them that its not? we are currently choosing between 2 candidates and we r choosing the one we r less afraid of…fear should be in the equation at ALL…but this is the reality that we have to deal with due to all the mistakes that we have done in the past year and half.

This is how things look right, the world sees that we had a fair elections and we were stupid enough to choose someone from the old regime…then we are objecting on it…democracy is a bitch that just bit in the ass…we must accept it and deal with it.

The trial of Mubarak was a nice charade…and we all knew it was but yet we acted surprised that they were all acquitted….they were tried in a civil court and the evidence were all burnt or destroyed, so did we really expect them to be found guilty? they should have been tried by a revolutionary trial but its too late now to ask for that. You know why we didnt ask for that from the beginning; for LACK of education…knowledge…the capability to think critically.

Now we are back chanting and protesting AGAIN doing the same mistakes…definition of stupidity repeating the same action and expecting different results.

Dr Aboul Fotooh and Mr Sabahy formed a coalition and offered to join Morsi, Sabahy said no and the 3 of them couldn’t reach a solution..now what do we do? I think we keep that coalition and start doing good things for the country, develop it and create jobs…they both have a team that would do anything for their country…but instead they are using all their energy on the streets protesting and making more people hate us and the revolution.

SCAF is tossing us around like a ball because they know that we dont know how to think critically, we dont know our Constitution, because the majority of the people are illiterate and just want to put food on the table.

Can we channel our energy to educate people? can we channel our energy in finding similarities not differences?

We dont have the luxury to choose the candidates who represent our ideas….we never did.

At the end everyone has the right to protest and chant but we must think of the consequences

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  1. وحسبى الله ونعم الوكيل فى الخونة

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