A View on some Muslim Women

After I started wearing the hijab people started to look at me in a different way as if I am expected to behave in a certain way, I was no longer allowed to make mistakes. I understand completely that the hijab is a statement, this statement saying I am a Muslimah and proud of it. But that doesn’t mean that I am not a human being with desires and hopes.

Coming from Egypt, the Hijab to the majority of Egyptians is a tradition more than it’s a religious reason. It’s a sign of the woman’s piety, so what happened is that parents and different family members (males and females) push the girl after reaching puberty to wear the hijab even if she doesn’t want to.

Consequently of-course this woman feels trapped, and wants to break free. So they do that through many ways, for example taking it off after they leave the house, start getting a boyfriend or several, and now even getting a girlfriend or several, there are many outlets for a woman. (If that was by her choice then that’s her choice but since it’s a way of rebellion it always gets her into trouble with society)

So if you go to Al Azhar Park for example or walk by the Nile on the 6th of October bridge you would find many couples, walking hand in hand or making out on a bench. We judge them and say they are bad women or they are bad representation of Islam, or we just sit and watch in silence with great frustration saying “Ah Arab women are lost, Allah help us from the eternal hell of immorality that we are facing”.

Mo7jbat are women and like any women on this planet they have desires, they have desires to be love, they have the desire to be kissed, hugged even to have sex. It’s human nature. We are not Nuns.

Usually when a woman start seeking love outside of her family this means that they are not giving her enough love, enough security, enough sense of acceptance what and do men outside her family do? they take advantage of that.

From Islamic perspective all the above including sex is essential it is not a bad thing, and accordingly Allah has given us certain channel were we can have all of this without committing a sin which is marriage.

Now marriage, if a guy takes a girlfriend and has his way with her there is absolutely nothing that would make him continue with that girl and he usually leaves her. Now what pisses me off is that our society punishes the girl and leaves the guy. WHY? Because the girl is a pearl a diamond once touched she loses her value “el bent zay 3oud el kabreet ma-bet-wa3lsh ella marra wa7da” (A**) while the guy is foolish, he will eventually grow up and find stability and a good wife who is a VIRGIN. (From where I really don’t know), and pisses me even more is that he would be will to get married to a non-Arab who is not virgin but not an Egyptian.

It’s the woman’s mistake why did she allow him, and we don’t put in consideration women’s desires and needs, but most of all we didn’t put in consideration that she just have simply trusted and loved that man.This happens in all social classes but especially the middle and the lower classes.

We (men and women) shouldn’t act like Gods and judge others just by what they are doing without looking into why they are doing what they are doing. Look beneath the ice-berg.

To men have mercy on the women; some of you behave like dogs without any consideration to our feelings. Stop toying with our feelings and hearts. Stop sexually harassing women you see on the streets because eventually it will happen to your sister or to your mother. What comes around goes around. Guess what if you want marry a Khadija you have to be Mohamed, because Khadija will not marry Abo Lahab.

I know that there are good men and bad women as well, but you see when a man sees a woman on the street getting harassed and doesn’t do anything about makes him just as bad. They are also just as bad if they judge women who are not acting up to “their” level of moral standards

To Women be proud of who you are, and give them HELL

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  1. Give them HELL indeed! Nice

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