Relationships…there are so many types and forms of relationships…friendship…enemies…children parent relations…marriage…etc

1 type of relationship is particularly frightening to many…that is Marriage…some of us are just freaked by the idea of marriage and for different reasons…some can’t seem to digest the idea of one person for the rest of their lives…fear of commitment, some has intimacy problems..Can’t get that close to someone, some don’t want or can’t handle the responsibility and some has it all…

On the other hand some are just dying to get married…do they see something others can’t? Is it a certain experience that someone has to go through so he/she would be ready for the idea of marriage…?

And those who get married…some get married for love…some get married for wealth…some get married for the sake of having company…some get married for the sake of having children….

For me….I want to get married for love…not sure when and have no idea to whom…but I know it should be for love…

I was talking to a friend of mine and she said you will not have that special someone until you fully understand who you are? I actually disagree I do believe it would be a successful one if you did…but isn’t marriage another journey that someone take with that special someone and you discover thing about yourselves and each other….

Just to keep things short for you… if you are married then please do your best to take care of your home (this is to guys and girls, it takes 2 to tango ) and if you are not married and want to get married…stop looking so hard…it will come when its time…just keep an eye on he signs…if you are not ready for marriage…don’t close your hearts as that special someone might come along and you might miss them…then you will deeply regret it…

Finally no matter what we want or what we don’t want….we all want to be in a relationship where we can receive love and give love….

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