Revolution from the heart of a microbus driver

On Sunday night the 25th of July 2011 I was riding microbus from Banha to Cairo, I was sitting next the driver and we started talking about the revolution.

Me: how long have you been a driver?

Him (with a smile on his face): 30 years

Me: that’s a long time and always from Banha to Cairo?

Him: no every where

Me: did your job get affected by the revolution?

Him: yes, of course, but the revolution is something good, the main issue with Egypt was the Police they became very
corrupt to the extent that they feel untouched, no one can speak to them anymore.

Me: has they ever mistreated you?

Him: yes, but I never kneeled I always talked back to them and hit back if necessary, so I became known among the officers and a red mark was put on my name, and then I would get arrested according to the law of emergency under
the excuse that I am a drug dealer or a terrorist, now there is no more police.

Me: what about the thugs that the SCAF is talking about?

Him: those thugs were created by the police and for the police as well, and now they are unable to control them, the police basically took advantage of the poverty of the people and used them for criminal actions. Many of those thugs got addicted to crime and don’t what else to be done. It will take them maybe 3 to 5 years to be able to put all them under control

Me: what do you think about putting a min and max wage law?

Him: yes it should be done, min 1,200EGY is good and max 24,000Egy, it is unfair to have people who can’t find bread and others are getting over 100,000EGY per month, I worked as a driver for the Armed Forces factory in Banha for 29 years, and I decided to go on an early retirement I was 44 years old at the time and the legal age for retirement is 60 years old. My pension is 525EGY per month. I have 3 kids one high school, one in preparatory school, and another in primary school. How am I supposed to put food on the table? so I have to work night and day.

Me: so since the strikes are affecting your work should the people stop and go home?

Him: No they shouldn’t, they should stay till they have their rights back.

Me: what do think Egypt will be like in the future?

Him: the best and most beautiful country in the world, we have so many beautiful things that we can use for our benefit and I have seen some behavior adjustment in some people and we should take advantage of that.
We arrived at the microbus stop

Me: thank you so much for the ride.

Him: it was a pleasure
I didn’t pay him to say those words I only paid him for the ride which was 6EGY, and he doesn’t come from a rich family, he is not a spy and he is not felool…

so I guess I will leave the comments for you

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