The Battle of Mohamed Mahmoud  ended and we have a new government with Kamal AL-Ganzouri as a prime minister. we didnt ask for a new government we asked for justice. The parliament elections started right after the battle of Mohamed Mahmoud putting the Muslim brothers and the Salafis right on top. They got the majority of the votes which indicates that people were not exactly pro-revolution or that they thought no more clashes should happen and since neither the salafis nor the MB formally participated in the clashes they represented “stability” to the people. Another thing for the past 60 years the MBs have been doing charity and development work in rural areas so the majority of the people knew them.

The parliament was formed and the SCAF still didnt give up power to the elected parliament. So again we went out protesting and demanding the immediate transfer to the parliament. There was a sit in at the parliament for about 2 weeks, we are now in December. Violence again broke when the army took when of the protesters Aboudi (the video attached has very disturbing footage, viewer’s discretion is advised) and tortured him then threw him back to the streets.

His friends were outraged and tried to get into the parliament building the army in response started shooting with their machine guns and started beating up people with their sticks. I know that attacking a government building was not the right thing to do but they could have arrested who ever was trying to do but why kill them. why cant our forces have more diplomatic ways to deal with us. Again the answer is we are of no value to them.

HELL broke loose again, this time the army was using Live ammunition real bullets, it was really crazy and scary. The army had no mercy on anyone. On December 17th, soldiers heavily raided tahrir and asr el einy street capturing a woman (the video attached has very disturbing footage, viewer’s discretion is advised) and stripping off her clothes.

I felt outraged, i felt hurt, humiliated, i wanted to scream from the top of lungs “NOOOOO..this is ENOUGH” , i wanted to go to these soldiers and shake and look them in the eyes and ask them whats wrong with you, have you lost your mind. you swore to protect us but you are killing and humiliating us.

On December 20th, I marched with thousands of women to send a clear message; “we are HERE and we are NOT afraid”. What the army did was unacceptable. To my complete shock several Islmaic leaders said that it was her fault and that she shouldn’t have gone there from the first place, the media started diverting the people attention from the fact that she was beaten to why wasn’t she wearing underneath her Abaya which she was. Another feel writer argued that its the woman’s fault because she didnt button her clothes well enough…i am thinking FUCK YOU ALL…i hope to see you burning in hell for spreading such lies.

The women’s march was amazing, i felt so proud….Egyptian women ROCK and are powerful beyond imagination.


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