In upper Egypt  a church was demolished because they said the church didn’t have a licence, which was really unacceptable because a house of God should not be demolished because of some missing papers.  This turned out to be a lie afterwards as some salafi extremists were behind it. Salafis wanted to reduce the visibility of the church so they went to governor, the governor set up a meeting with the church (which i found really outrageous that the governor even considered the salafis request and asked the church not to put crosses from outside or speakers during mass), the church refused (understandably of course) as a result the church was demolished.

On October, 9th 2011 Hundreds and of people went out protesting on the streets of Cairo starting from Shubra which is an area inhabited by Muslims and Christians headed to Maspero (State TV station) to show their anger as the TV really messed up the image and made it look like it was the Christians fault. They planned a sit in until their demands are met (re-building of the church and saying the real reasons of why the church was demolished).

Maspero building was and still is surrounded by army trucks, soldiers and barb wire. The march arrives; shooting begins and army trucks starts to drive into the people killing 28 and injuring 212. Others say that army used violence before the march arrived by sending thugs to throw rocks from over the bridge and shooting the air.

The State TV announced that there was 3 soldiers injured and started calling on the honorable Egyptians to come protect them and the army against those vicious Copts…in my head i am thinking what kind of army needs my protection….and since when do peaceful protesters carry gun and how did these copts pass the barb wire and army truck then injuring only 3 soldier what the fuck????

Such a load of bullshit,

My heart ached for those who died and their families and I feel pity towards who really believed that the soldiers were the victims. Those are incapable of thinking and just believes anything is said on TV. The same TV channel that supported Mubarak and called us a minority during the 18 days (from Jan28 to Feb11).

I remember watching different videos and arguing with people who really thought the Copts incited violence. SCAF was trying to create a civil war between Muslims and Christians but they weren’t successful.

How can people forget and let go so easily. The army killed our brothers and sisters on Maspero but we still salute the army.

I wonder when we will start using our heads and stop trusting SCAF

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