The beginning: Angry and Naive

On the 28th of January I marched with thousands and thousands of other Egyptians for bread, freedom and social justice. I was so excited to see all of these people like me angry for what our country is turning into. For many years i thought i was the only one, and everyone was satisfied but i was wrong. for the first time i was grateful i was wrong.

i marched for 4 hours from Nasr city to Ramsis…on reaching Ramsis everything became surreal, tear gas, people getting shot others are crying from pain but the one thing we all had in common was ANGER and DETERMINATION….

we have come too far to stop now and go back.

I started getting scared seeing all the fires and hearing cars getting blown up and i asked my friends if we could leave and they all in agreement except for Menna, she looked so courageous. we asked if we could back now that the army is out on the streets and things are getting really dangerous. She said “NO, if everyone goes back then our revolution is OVER” her words still rings my ears, and the look in her eyes shakes my heart. However I left the battle field around 6 back to my home to find my mom and my sisters crying because they thought i was dead. My younger sister hit me and said “DON’T EVER DO THAT TO US AGAIN” i apologized and gave her a hug. i was really happy to see all of them.

My Family and I were happy with our army and really thought that they were here to protect bu obviously we were WRONG. After the fall of Mubarak i thought like many others thats it you know Mubarak fell his government are in prison, BUT Tanatwi was still out which always made skeptical about everything. Then things got clearer and it was all a game. I woke up from this dream and decided that the revolution continues.

How naive are we to believe that Tantawi and SCAF would bring justice after 30 years of injustice. Let me explain further, Allah on telling us the story Moses and how he stroked the sea with his stick it was split into 2 half then him and his followers went through and after they were safe Allah put back the sea drowning the Pharoh and his Soldiers. let me stress on his SOLDIERS. is Allah unfair to drown innocent soldiers who were just following orders? were the soldiers collateral damage? if neither then what? the answer is that they are the soldiers of the Pharoh, they watched him do all those unjust deeds without speaking, they participated and followed his orders in harming others. They know no other way of living but this. So they had to go along with the Pharoh so that Moses would have a fresh start.

SCAF  are Mubarak Soliders, and they are behaving in the only way they know.

to be continued….

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