Clashes Continues

The army stood by and watched us die and get injured during the battles for Tahrir that started on the 2nd of Feb claiming that they had no orders from Tantawi to interfere. Every single sit in after that was dispersed violently by the army causing more deaths and injuries. YET the people trusted SCAF. Many still trusted our media. How pitiful that is to choose the illusion of stability over freedom and true justice.

In March2011, SCAF decided to do a referendum amendments on some a articles on the constitutions, a summary of  the proposed amendments include the following:

  • Article 75: A candidate would be ineligible if he or she had dual nationality, parents who were citizens of countries other than Egypt or married to a non-Egyptian.
  • Article 76: Easing the requirements for being a presidential candidate.
  • Article 77: Limiting the terms a president can serve to two consecutive terms, each four years only.
  • Article 88: The juridical system is responsible for monitoring the election process.
  • Article 93: would give the highest appeal court the power to rule on challenges to disputed parliamentary races, whereas before only the parliament could decide.
  • Article 139: The president must appoint a vice-president within 60 days of the start of the term
  • Article 148: would impose new restrictions on the president declaring a state of emergency, including requiring the approval of a parliamentary majority, and says it cannot exceed six months unless it is extended through a referendum.
  • (Article 179): would be canceled. The article allows the president to use military courts for “terror” cases even for civilians.
  • (Article 189): Require the newly elected parliament to write a new constitution within 60 days.
I saw those amendments as ridiculous and we should vote NO and create a new constitution first then have presidential elections, but the media in collaboration with SCAF started scaring the people saying that there is a chance if we rewrite the constitution Islam will not be a reference for our laws and Egypt will sieze to be an islamic state and that things will be unstable until we get a president, which was ofcourse a lie because the majority are muslim and Islam is not something to be enforced. In other words SCAF conveyed that they want to leave power so by voting yes would mean they would reliquish power to the new president within 6 month (from March 2011). The majority voted YES and drove us into a wall basically.
SCAF didn’t leave within 6 month, civilians are put on military trials and the country is still unstable.
As matter of fact according to our the constitution the head of  The Supreme Constitutional Court should have been president for 6 month till we elect a president within those 6 month, SCAF does NOT exist in our constitution but after 30 years of oppression and political ignorance only a minority knew this and the rest were just driven by SCAF and the media.

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