Camel Battle vs the Elections

On the 2nd of Feb, i was home watching Tahrir on Al-Jazeera and i i saw people on camels raiding Tahrir, i couldn’t believe my eyes i wanted it to be a lie. I called a friend of mine who were there and he said things are really bad and advised me not to go. Again i was scared and i took his advise and didn’t, but i was so depressed at my coward self and decided that the next day I will go. on the 3rd of Feb i drove to Tahrir and i brought food and medical supplies with me.

As i entered Tahrir Square I saw people injured, people on the ground in pain but once i look into their eyes I can only see HOPE. They were people who decided that tomorrow will be better…..They decided that they will never go back to the humiliation and oppression that was before….They were fearless… I wanted to hug and kiss everyone of them and just express how grateful i am that they exist.

The clashes went on for 12 hours while our government led by Ahmed Shafiq claimed that they knew nothing about it. Ahmed Shafiq said he will protect the protesters and send them thugs on camels the next day. Clashes continued for days 12 hours a day after that but the people in Tahrir didnt give up. we didnt give up.

The Muslim Brothers were there as well and they really helped a lot in defending the square, they were side by side to the liberals, seculars and christians. We were all one. We were all simply Egyptians. Until the 11th of Feb when Mubarak and his government led by Ahmed Shafiq stepped down and we were once again divided.

Now its election time and we are faced with almost the same thing. Can we again join forces with the Muslim brothers to face Ahmed Shafiq ?

to be continued….

2 Responses

  1. I love and admire you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

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